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Flux burn off

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Flux burn off | 20 July, 2005

guys, I am having a problem. During my rework (SRT) process, I am trying to reach a board temp of 150degC b4 the top heater comes down for the actual rework process. Due to which the flux (tacflux 20)is burning off and i am seeing lot of non wetting.

can anyone suggest a better way to heat the board Or to localize the heat onto the board.

does anyone know of any other flux material that can bear high temp..

thanks Indy

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Flux burn off | 20 July, 2005

How long is it taking to reach the 150? We use the 020 here along with 023 and have very good results with our machine. The 023 is rated for a higher temp then the 020 but I don't know about staying power.

We heat from both the bottom and the top until our preheat setpoint is reached and then we increase the temp from the top to complete the reflow process. our profiles are generally 2.5 to 3.5 mins in duration.

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