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Conformal Coating Dilemma

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Conformal Coating Dilemma | 26 July, 2005

I have a single sided PCB that contains 4 RF connectors that will require conformal coating. Sounds easy, well the RF connector is .080 in diameter and stands a whole .050 in height. The sub-straight that the barrel sits on is about .020 thick. I don�t see there is a way to mask these off and still cover the leads with Humiseal and if you apply the Humiseal using a swirlcoat and get it to cover the leads it typically is also migrating up the outside of the barrel. Anyone have any thoughts BESIDES SHOOT THE DESIGNER!

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Conformal Coating Dilemma | 26 July, 2005

And the reason the connectors aren't on one side of the board is ...

Thougts are: * Pealable temporary solder mask * Removable boots

Sources of boots that may be ESD protected are: * Kinnarney Rubber; 450 Main St PO Box 37 Mantua, NJ 08051; 856-468-1320 FAX 7438 * Dempsey Industries; 802 N. 4th St Miamisburg, OH 45342; (937)-866-2345 Gary Pascoe * Shercon somewhere in CA * Harman; 360 South St. Rochester, MI; 810-651-4477 * StockCap; St Louis MO; 800-827-CAPS (2277) * MOCAP Plastic Products Group; 10964 Lin-Valle Dr, St Louis, MO 63123; 800-633-6775 314-845-3100 Fax 487-8855

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