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RoHS Weee

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RoHS Weee | 1 August, 2005

Interesting article on the status of the directives in Europe.

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RoHS Weee | 1 August, 2005

In practice the EU has shyed away from taking strong action against certain countries on fundamental issues (ie. France over illegal import bans from other member states,Germany & Italy's constant contempt of the single currency spending restrictions).

It's very hard to see how we are going to do anything by August 2005 in the UK, as Parliament is on it's summer holidays, and the most pressing legislation on return is likely to be anti-terror based.

Could be an interesting one to watch - thanks for highlighting it Patrick.

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RoHS Weee | 1 August, 2005

Many Thank Patrick,

very interesting


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RoHS Weee | 1 August, 2005

in fact,the RoHs standard is be action in china,espcially we coopearate with some Japan enterprise,we are agree to take it action for the whole standardization.

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RoHS Weee | 16 February, 2007

Thanks you pat.

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