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Placement machine

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Placement machine | 6 August, 2005

hello, can i have your feedback on the Mimot's placement system ( advanatges series )in terms of reliability, support and the price.

Further how would you rate Mimot m/c in comparison with the Mydata and other reputed brand in the range of 10KCPH to 20KCPH . thanks

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Placement machine | 6 August, 2005

I have not used the machine so I cannot talk about ease of programming, actual cph, etc... but: There are a few things that interest me. intellegent feeder positioning - doesn't seem to matter where you put them, even while the machine is running. dyanamic scheduling - places priorty on Jobs based on commonality between set-ups Inventory control - with smart feeder storage

I recommend taking a better look. Although I am not interested for Hi-Speed / Large Volume, I am currently considering for seperated Proto / Custom work center.

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