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Current WEEE dates?

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Current WEEE dates? | 11 August, 2005

Im hearing conflicting stories about the dreaded WEEE date. Does anyone have a up to date list? This is the best I could find...

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Current WEEE dates? | 16 August, 2005

No one huh?

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Current WEEE dates? | 16 August, 2005

Ok Josh if you insist,

The directive is under ongoing review and deadlines are pushed further and further. Here's a link to a proposal of 18 new exemptions. If you look at page 8 of the proposed exemptions you will find "Low melting point alloys containing lead" If y'all be patient a little longer the RoHS and WEEE (buzzwords) might get banned from the dictionary.


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Current WEEE dates? | 16 August, 2005

Not all states have postponned the dates. Look under the link for each specific country

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Current WEEE dates? | 17 August, 2005


I wouldn't wipe my backside with the UK regulations, devised by the British civil service, home of humanities graduates & academic advisors who'd never cut it in the real world. We're also infamous for mis-interpriting european legislation, as we are too easily influenced by private interest groups. (Sound familiar to any Americans out there?)

Usually the best bet with euro legislation is to look initially to Sweden & Denmark for where it is likely to go in the medium term, and Germany/Belguim/Holland for the short term.

But whatever you do, don't take the British guidelines as fact or as anything helpful - the goal posts will move many times in the next few years - especially on exemptions when you look at what is happening in Japan.

If the EU really wanted to make a difference, just ban landfill for tv's, video's, stereo's, PC's etc & enforce recycling of these & ban disposable batteries.

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