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Soak Test

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Soak Test | 13 September, 2005

Was it possible to calculate Soak Test Equivalent on PCBA?

For example: Soak Test at 60C/80%RH equivalent to how many hour of test at 25C/60%RH ?

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Soak Test | 14 September, 2005

What is a soak test? Do you mean a recipe for removing moisture from a board?

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Soak Test | 14 September, 2005

It's a functional test over a number of hours/days designed to give an accelerated life test, to detect possible faults, intermittants etc.

You tend to run the boards in a hotter & harsher environment to reduce the test cycle time.

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Soak Test | 20 September, 2005

We don't know how to accelerate soak recipes. We'd suggest that you use the recipe for your product use environment that is suggested in SM-785 - Guidelines For Accelerated Reliability Testing Of SM Solder Attachments

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