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Fuji PAM measure

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Fuji PAM measure | 16 September, 2005

We're in process of calculating Cp, Cpk for our CP machines. Does anyone know what we need to have to use Fuji PAM? Thanks Steve

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Fuji PAM measure | 16 September, 2005

Steve- Depending on which Fuji model you have, Fuji PAM either needs to be purchased from Fuji or if you have a CP-7, CP-8 or NXT, Fuji PAM is already installed in the machine from the factory. The kit...if you are required to purchase it from Fuji includes a PCB test board, a reel of dummy components and a flash memory card for the placement data.

It's a very simple process to run Fuji PAM and should take no more than 20 minutes to perform the test run. However long it takes to adjust the table rails for the test board, load one reel of components and run 500 chips is as long as it takes. The data provided however from Fuji PAM is quite limited other than some basic Cpk and Cp data.

TimeKey provides a tool to greatly enhance the data provided by Fuji PAM to allow you to graphically see the results per head, per rotation and per axis. In addition, our tool provides recommended repair remedies that will assist the user to determine what needs to be done to the machine to acheieve 5 or 6 sigma level performance. Finally our system will consolidate all of this information into a Word document that will allow you to have a hard copy of the results.

After you perform your Fuji PAM run you can send us a .txt file of the results and we will analyze it and send you back a report on your no charge.

Rick Website: E-mail:

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Fuji PAM measure | 16 September, 2005

Fuji sells a PAM kit. It includes all the needed things you will need to accomplish this. It has a reel of 1206 black colored chips, doule sided tape, PCB, flopy with PAM program , and a ram card for the particular machine. I hope it help you some. Good luck.

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fuji pam


Fuji PAM measure | 16 September, 2005

If you would like to email me at I have all the info you will need.

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