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Immersion Gold (ENIG)

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Immersion Gold (ENIG) | 16 September, 2005


I have a PCB with Immersion GOld (ENIG) finish. Here are the detalis on the PCB. 1. 6 Layers 2. Immersion Gold (ENIG)Nickel 125-250 Micro inch. 3. FR4 Material 4. Thickness 0.062". I am having problem soldering the through hole components. Eventhough we have given more preheat time solder does not come through the barrel on the top side. Any good tips will be a great help. Thank you in advance.

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Immersion Gold (ENIG) | 18 September, 2005

Search the SMTnet Archives on => hole fill

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Immersion Gold (ENIG) | 22 September, 2005

I cannot help with your issue, but was hoping someone can suggest a good information source on soldering an ENIG finish of about 75 mircoinches. What are the issues? Suggested solder? Flux? Any information is helpful. my background is not in soldering over gold. Thanks

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Immersion Gold (ENIG) | 30 September, 2005

This might help define what to look for for problems.

Hope this helps


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