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reflow exit problem

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reflow exit problem | 7 October, 2005

Could I get some help please?

I have a Heller 1700EXL, 7 zone oven and I'm trying to figure out a better way of off-loading my completed boards. What I have now is simply a small table at the exit of the oven with about an 8" drop from the top of the board rail. I have mounted a 1 foot long metal ramp which lets the boards slide down to the table when exiting the oven. The problem I'm having is that some of my larger boards, or ones with very fine traces, are being damaged if I don't catch them coming out of the oven and they hit each other. What is typically used "in the industy" to deal with boards exiting a reflow oven? I've heard that many companies use board stackers/conveyors or simply have someone sitting at the end of the oven catching boards, but I can't seem to find anything online to that end.

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reflow exit problem | 7 October, 2005

Hi Jimmy,

We use flat belt exit conveyors. They are set-up to collect the boards and set off an alarm when the belt is full. This allows the boards to come out, but you don't have to pay someone to stand there and catch each board. Also eliminates boards bumping into each other. I always like being able to buy a simple machine that replaces a person doing a simple task.

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reflow exit problem | 7 October, 2005

what make/model/manufacturer? :

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reflow exit problem | 7 October, 2005

Hello If you want one of these belt conveyers, I have a short incline one. Was getting ready to scrap it and you can have it for the shipping cost. Harry

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reflow exit problem | 10 October, 2005

we do have staker whick can stak 30 boards automatically. As sson as it get segnal / sencor activeated one stak up & up to 30. after 30 it will give buzzer if boards are not remobed on time

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reflow exit problem | 11 October, 2005

Elektrobit (JOT) makes a wave unloader you can use to put your board back onto an edge conveyor (if you are using just a belt on your oven now) and then place a FIFO or Mag Loader after that.

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