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Lead-free BOM Conversions

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Lead-free BOM Conversions | 26 October, 2005

Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone is using a program or steps for converting your bill of material to a lead-free state. I am looking into changing some of my current customer based parts to lead-free but was wondering if theres a simplier step than having to look up each indivual part number and do a cross reference for lead-free on that part. If you have any comments or questions leave em here and I will answer promptly.

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Jerry findale


Lead-free BOM Conversions | 1 November, 2005

I have been using a service. I search around and found that the other manufacturing services just give you cross referance parts. It cost me a lot in time and effort because the parts they cross referanced for me just turned out to be simular. We finaly had to hire a component engineer who left after a week being with us so I finaly got on it and searched for a service. The only one that did what I needed was . Those guys are great. I sort of bugged them because I was constantly calling them but they did not mind at all i do not think. What I got were my parts croosed over exactly and some help on my solder profiling and rework questions.

So if your stuck I would go with them they are pretty good. The name of the place is called "A Total Green Planet Solution".

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