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curing methode adhesive glue

George Verboven


curing methode adhesive glue | 4 April, 2000

We are looking for a way to cure conductive adhesive. I heard about curing times from 2 hours and more. But I also received information that curing can be done in 10 minutes at 120 C. Of course it also depends from the type of glue. But the question is as follows: If the specs from the glue say that it is �designed for curing in box oven equipment during 10 minutes at 120 C�, is it than also possible to use a curing tunnel (instead of a box) from let say 8-meter (Based on convection with a belt so that the flex boards can be transported automatically trough the tunnel)?

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Re: curing methode adhesive glue | 5 April, 2000

George: I would think so. We use an old Vitronics (822??) IR reflow oven to clue SMT adhesives. Gp get 'em!!! Dave F

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