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Benchmarking ppm

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Jason Miller


Benchmarking ppm | 3 November, 2005

I've been tasked with identifying what world class quality should be for my company's products (custom military/avionics power suppliers & custom transformers/inductors/magnetics, see for more info). I can't get a shred of data on outgoing quality that is remotely helpful. I can find a little data on the soldering process itself (smt/wave), but nothing on hand soldering. Nothing on finished product.

Does anybody have any order of magnitude impressions for me, or resources that might be helpful? Ideally, I'd hope to get an idea on: -custom smt magnetic components -custom through hole magnetic components (wide range in size & complexity) - custom power supplies

Regards, Jason

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Benchmarking ppm | 3 November, 2005

Search the fine SMTnet Archives. For instance:

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