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ABW Systems TSC1008

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ABW Systems TSC1008 | 21 November, 2005

We are running this reflow oven and are trying to get up to speed to meet RoHS. WE are having an issue with zone 9 coming up to temps. Does anyone know where we might get service or parts for this old oven? I have not found any information for this oven anywhere, and the budgit will not support a new oven at this time.

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ABW Systems TSC1008 | 21 November, 2005

Try Manix inc. I know they Support this Reflow Oven Model.

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ABW Systems TSC1008 | 21 November, 2005

This oven was not designed to support lead free temps. I am sure Manix will tell you the same.

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ABW Systems TSC1008 | 21 November, 2005

According to the documentation that I have, the oven should reach 350c. This zone, set at 330c will not go above 314c.

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ABW Systems TSC1008 | 21 November, 2005

Here is Manix web site:

Yes, the zone temps can be set high, but the thermal transfer efficiency is very low. I was profiling one of these ovens last week. To get 215C on the board you have to set the zone temp well over 300C. And that was at a slow conveyor speed. I cannot see how you can get peak temps up to 235-240C and stay within solderpaste mfrs's TAL range.

May be time to replace this oven. Support is weak too since Manix didn't make the thing. They took over after ABW went bust. There are contol boards in that oven with 6 to 8 week lead times to replace if they fail. Just an FYI.

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ABW Systems TSC1008 | 23 November, 2005

Well, according to Manix, this oven can run lead free, I have a few things that need to be tweeked, but I hope I can get that last zone up to temps.

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ABW Systems TSC1008 | 25 November, 2005

To state whether an oven can or cannot "do lead free" very much depends on what type of product you need to solder. High thermal mass products are problems for 4 and 5 zones ovens becauase they typically cannot follow the solderpaste mfrs. profile, usually in the TAL spec, and lack adequet cooling. You tend to need too slow of a conveyor speed to get good joints- thin intermetallic bonds.

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ABW Systems TSC1008 | 27 November, 2005

They may tell you it will solder lead free,(and it may) but trust are going to have nothing but headaches. If you start flooring the heaters you are going to put it into a "melt down" after a while.

I know you don't want to hear it, but take it from are running an exercise in futility.

I am not an engineer, but I am the guy that sets up ovens and profiles.I have worked with engineering for quite some time setting up our PB free processes. We have BTU TRS21's which are waaay better than the Manix ovens. The BTU's constantly go into thermal alarms when running PB free profiles. We were forced to buy a new Vitronics. The problem with your oven is the ability for it to efficiently transfer heat from the heaters to the board. This in turn makes you slow down your belt speed which will almost always over-shoot you time above liquidous.

We had a ABW/Manix years ago. I sold it because it was nothing but a pain even when running tin/lead profiles.

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