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tape and reel machine

Chris McDonald


tape and reel machine | 24 March, 2000

I have recently purchased a Tape and reel machine from V-Tech. We are using Presure Sensitive tape and we are not geting good results. Anything bigger that a SOIC14/16 gives us trouble. The cover tape will pull off on the feeder and we will lose parts. We have a Panasonic MV-2F. Does anybody else have this problem with V-Tek? They don't want to give use support and just tell us its in the set up!! I set up according to their guidelines and I still get poor results. Any input would help


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Mike Keogh


Re: tape and reel machine | 20 April, 2000

Ref.message from Chris McDonald,CORRECTION... VTECH SMT LTD. of Stirling, Scotland are an award winning supplier to major 'Blue Chip' companies and should in no way be confused with V-Tek inc. as intimated in chris's message. To date we have never supplied tape and reel machines but we are currently reviewing this strategy and will likely add this service to our portfolio which covers and extensive range of pcb consumables and assembly aids.

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Amos Parkinson


Was: tape and reel machine Now: routers? | 9 October, 2001

Was wondering if your company also sells routers ? I was looking for info on one made by V-tech. Any info / links would be appreciated.

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tape and reel machine | 9 October, 2001

I am confused. You are using pressure sensitive tape. the pessure sensitive tape i have seen does not use cover tape.The pressure sensitive tape I am familiar with is called "Surftape" could you provide some more clarification?? Surftape is more commonly used with bare die or flip type components.

Cal Manncorp

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tape and reel machine | 9 October, 2001

.............and since this link originated from march of 2000 I should not expect a response

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tape and reel machine | 10 October, 2001


There are several suppliers of cover tape materials that do not require heat to activate the adhesive. 3M and Advantek are likely the leaders.

There are relatively few T&R machines that can handle both heat and non-heat applications - as Chris found out.

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tape and reel machine | 10 October, 2001

I used to work with Chris. (neither of us are there anymore). What is he talking about is putting components into "pockets". The parts would come in, in sticks (tubes) but we wanted them in reels. At first we sent them out to be reeled, but that was costly. So we bought a machine that would allow us to put them in reels ourselves. The covertape is only sticky at the edges and holds the parts in the pockets. I believe you must be thinking of something else.

We never did get it 100%. One guy that was working on it deiscovered when you say 1/4 turn counterclockwise, make sure the operator knows which way counterclockwise is.

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tape and reel machine | 11 October, 2001

The pressure sensitive tape is used as an alternative to heat sealed cover tape. It works usually quite well and is easily applied by the taping machine, but it can create some problems in the tape feeder. In the Surftape, Cal is referring to, the components ( in most cases bare dies ) are attached to two strips of adhesive tape. This tape is the same stuff ( Blue Nitto ) which is used for wafers.

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