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data sheet

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data sheet | 14 December, 2005

where can i find data sheet for all tray dimension.

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data sheet | 17 December, 2005

We are also interested in this, but where can we find the dimensions? We have thouht about some kind of a guideline to simplify the way of how we do the "Matrix tray numbers" input to our fine pitch machine. We do a lot of prototype production and even if the matrix tray components are in a familiar packages & trays, we we still need to do the numbers for every new product, without opening the MSD component packages until it is just before start... I think there is a JEDEC standard for matrix trays and the name of the tray should be printed on the front leading edge. For ex. BGA 40x40 or TQFP 25x25 1.4T, etc. That is the information we want to use in our NPI-process (New Product Introduction). All suggestions are appreciated. /Sincerly

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