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Chip capasitor plating

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Chip capasitor plating | 9 January, 2006

Hi guys..

I just want to know on what are common types of terminal plating on chip capasitor and does each plating will affect reflow profile?


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Chip capasitor plating | 10 January, 2006


The ROHS compliant parts are usually Matte Tin on the outer terminal plating.

There are also 2 further types of metal on the average chip cap - the undercoat metal of the outer electrode & the inner electrode. These are usually the same & are normally classed as base metal (usually copper) or precious metal (silver palladium).

Regarding reflow profiles, I've not heard of any problems, however a chip cap is not a demanding part to solder. Most manufacturers have suggested solder profiles on their websites.

I have access to a database with all Rohm, Kemet & Murata caps on, so if you have a specific question on any of these manufacturers I'll take a look.


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