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electrical check PCB

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electrical check PCB | 13 January, 2006


I would like to ask you how you test the PCB (electrical test) of first PCB before starting production.? What kind of equipment you are using? and method to confirm that components on PCB are correct (value, orientation, describtion, polarization) against the BOM and drawing of the PCB.? We rae right now using multimeter to check all resistor, capacitor, inductor and description from the components and than comper with BOM. But we found that this is very faulty. It depends on person who are doing check. I am looking for something more reliable.

Thank you for all comments.


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electrical check PCB | 13 January, 2006

We always have the board house do it. Why catch bad board for them? Don't let them push you around.

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electrical check PCB | 13 January, 2006

Hi Mark,

I'm guessing from your letter that you are not asking about traces, just component values.

We use a tool called 'smart tweezers' (catchy, eh?) to do jsut what you are asking. Very easy for our QA department to use a BOM to compare against the very useful output on the tweezers.

Here's a link for more info:

We bought ours from Jensen/Contact East and they were $340 US dollars. (I'm not a salesperson, I have nothing to gain from this...) Not exactly cheap, but helped us on first piece throughput and cheaper than a standalone machine.


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