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saponifiers compatible with CPVC

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saponifiers compatible with CPVC | 16 January, 2006

We currently use Armakleen E-2001WS in our Trieber inline cleaner and I'm trying to review the process and look into upgrading the chemistry if it's appropriate. After a little research I've concluded that I don't have nearly the information I need to do anything productive.

Armakleen's web site is "under renovation" and their tech. support doesn't answer their phone or return calls. Of the two other options I've had time to look at, both are incompatible with CPVC plumbing. Strike wait, that's 4.

As far as what we're cleaning, we use Kester HM531 paste and Kester 2235 wave flux (ORH1) exclusively.

Any suggestions?

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Mike Konrad


saponifiers compatible with CPVC | 17 January, 2006

Armakleen is compatible with CPVC as are most aqueous-based chemistries. Armakleen, in its day was a superior chemistry. It was the first of the aqueous blends to offer bright solder joints (earlier saponifiers commonly dulled solder joints).

Armakleen�s claim to fame was in addition of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). The baking soda purportedly enhanced the chemistry�s cleaning ability. Unfortunately, the abrasive nature of baking soda also caused pump seals and other seals to fail prematurely.

There are a number of very good aqueous chemicals available today. Here is a partial list:

Vitrex AT200 Vitrex CA (if you�re in California) Aqueous Technologies (that�s us)

Kyzen 4630 Kyzen 4612 (if your in California)

Vigon A200 Zestron

Regarding your inability to speak with anyone associated with Armakleen, sever years ago, Church and Dwight (parent company behind Armakleen) licensed it to Alpha Metals. I just spent five minutes on Alpha�s web site in a failed attempt to find you a technical contact number. Under the �contact us� icon, you get a list of all of their distributors. Not one number for Alpha comes up. Under the Technical Support icon, you are asked to enter your pre-registered user name and password. I guarantee you that any of the alternative companies listed above will be glad to help you!

Mike Konrad Aqueous Technologies 909.944.7771 ext 29

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saponifiers compatible with CPVC | 17 January, 2006

Thanks for the info., Mike, and thanks for trying to dig up a little more. I spent some more time digging myself yesterday and found an MSDS for the stuff we use, but no specification.

I finally just put in a call to our Armakleen distributor's corporate office and I have a local rep. coming in today to look at what we're doing and if there are any alternatives that might enable us to improve the process.

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saponifiers compatible with CPVC | 17 January, 2006

Hi Steve, I work for an analytical laboratory that specializes in ionic cleanliness, and we have found through the variety of cleanliness issues we encounter that the Envirosense cleaning chemistries are very effective also, so you might want to add that to your list to research. Their website is - we usually work with Mark Palmer from this company who is really nice to work with. Here is his contact info: Mark Palmer 1461 Atteberry Lane San Jose, CA 95131 408-894-9901

I don't have any affiliation with this company, but just know that our lab really likes to use their EnviroGold chemistry in our in-line and batch cleaners.

Regards, Sara Rice Foresite Inc.

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saponifiers compatible with CPVC | 17 January, 2006


Email me and I'll reply with some additional information...

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