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Vectra password

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Vectra password | 17 January, 2006

Does anyone know a master user name and password for an Electrovert Vectra?

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Vectra password | 17 January, 2006


We had an issue where an Engineer setuo his own passwords on our machine, he was then laided off and nobody knew the passwords. Electrovert gave us the following passwords to try:

Electrovert Wave Solder Logon Id Supervisor Password Password

Logon Id Operator Password wave

They did not work, the tech then told us how to reset the passwords to the factory default using the procedure below. It worked great, I suggest copying this and putting it in a safe place. Good luck.

Note: To reset Password to Factory Default C:\Program Electrovert Vectra user.cfg Deleate �user.cfg� and reboot machine. All passwords are now reset to factory default

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Vectra password | 18 January, 2006

Yea, I knew the first two, they did not work for us either. I will try the file route.


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