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Philips Comet GEM Programing

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Philips Comet GEM Programing | 28 January, 2006

Dear All: I am learning to program a Philips Comet GEM Machine with VIOS. I am programming a simple PCB that has 300 components but just 3 part numbers so I want to build a complete board in each table of the machine (A and B) and until now I have not find the way of feeding 2 PCBs so each one goes to each table then they get build and then they get out, all I can do is to place some of the components on table A and some on table B. By the way, the manuals are not very extensive. Please help me with this and with any literature, software or advice that you can.


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Philips Comet GEM Programing | 2 February, 2006


FYI, the concept of the Comet is that 1/2 of the board is populated on each table. This is in an effort to reduce the total transfer time hit per board. The on machine optimizer should be able to handle the split of the program. If you need to balance the program across the two tables, then multiply the feeders in the optimizer.

BTW, I assume that the reason you want to do this is to 'balance' the placement cycle time between front and rear, but in fact one table (can't remember which) will be slower because of the pick to vision to table distance will be longer on one table.


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