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Problems in Semi-automatic PNP Fritsch SM-902 | 7 February, 2006

We are using Semi-automatic PNP machine from Fritsch model SM-902...presently there is a problem with the machine and the production is held up becoz of that...i have tried to contact Fritsch on their website...but they have not replied yet...sorry to say they have very poor customer support...can anyone help me on this...anyone already having experience on this machine...

actually the problem is the machine is not initializing and the LEDs on the placement arm (4 leds of polarity) are permanently ON and the power LED and suction pump LED are also permanant ON....

waiting for help... thanks in advance...

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Problems in Semi-automatic PNP Fritsch SM-902 | 5 October, 2006

I suspect the problem has been resolved or in some manner, gone away, but decided to reply anyway.

After the demise of Fritsch USA, there was a void in the support chain for Fritsch Germany, the actual manufacturer.

I've recently met with the owner of Fritsch and arranged to provide sales and support in the US. If you are still in need of anything for your SM902, you can reach me at 714-931-1188.

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