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DEK265 or DEK260 for high mix low volume ???

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DEK265 or DEK260 for high mix low volume ??? | 17 February, 2006

Hi all,

The question for experienced operators: DEK 260 or DEK 265, which one is more suitable for high mix low volume to mate Juki 700 series line ? Is there any specific known issues regarding service, operation, repeatability... ? We have target pitch 20 mils or maybe less ?.

Thank you for your time old champs.


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DEK265 or DEK260 for high mix low volume ??? | 20 February, 2006

If you are running FR4 PCBs and not something exotic like Kapton flex circuits, I would go with the Dek 265 any day of the week. You will find that Dek supports the fully automatic printer much better than the semiautomatic printers like the 260, 248, and 249 models. They sell more fully auto printers so there is more support available. The Dek 260 is a semi automatic printer. You will spend more time setting the 260 up for vision alignment than you will the 265. This is because you don't have to set up the vision on the 265. Load and go vision! You will have to have some sort of tooling plate or posts to support the PCB on both the Dek 260 and 265. You can have a quick change support plate made for the 265 or you can use the magnetic support posts. What you can do is make a template that pin aligns to the Dek 265 raising table. Make it out of cardboard. I think you can then align the template to the table using two 3 mm pins. You can position the magnetic posts over the cardboard and magnetically stuck to the table below. Trace the pins with a ballpoint pen and label then A or B depending on if you use a skinny post (A) or fat post (B)for board support. Cut the hole in the cardboard using a gasket cutter from McMaster Carr. Label the cardboard template for the product that uses it.

Better yet just buy one of those grid lock quick setup universal support plates.

My experience is if you are doing standard PCB assembly that will run on a conveyor or even on a pallet, go for a fully automatic solder printer.


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