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zevatech 730 help

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zevatech 730 help | 2 March, 2006

We have bought an old zevatech 730 in Bosch auction (hello MikeZIG). There seems to be something wrong with the X axis servo, the machine is vibrating when the head is moving fast (in fact the machine is dancing, in the race with washing machine it would be clear winner). The X tamagawa driver was broken and we replaced it with a spare one (based on the settings it seems to be YR). Head is moving nicely in warm up but in full speed it goes bad. On the ac control board there is one red led on since power on, then also the "fail" led sub cpu lights on.

Anybody could help? Any idea/docs? AC control settings? We tried to contact Juki Europe but so far silence.

Thanks a lot.


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zevatech 730 help | 2 March, 2006

If you have a servo or encoder problem you should be getting alot of errors. Are all feet leveled on a stable floor? It wouldn't take much to shake them. A full coke machine weighs more.

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zevatech 730 help | 4 March, 2006

hi pavel, If you are getting vibrate during fast mode, encoder or motor cable might be faulty. yes i faced the same problem in Juki KE2010 m/c. Try by replacing encoder & motor cable from Motor to driver unit.

All the best

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zevatech 730 help | 8 March, 2006


First off I agree with Newton It sounds like the machine may not be level. Check all four feet while the machine is warming up none of them should be moving up or down. Chances are your right front or left rear foot is not at the right height. I have seen this alot when I worked for Juki.

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