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CP6 vs CP6E

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CP6 vs CP6E | 3 March, 2006

I would appreciate comments from anyone familiar with Fuji CP6's and CP6E's. Essentially, I would like to understand the important differences between these two machines. Considering that we use FujiCAM as a programming tool, does a CP6E require a unique programming module? Are there other differences? Any information at all will be helpful. Thanks in advance! Take care.


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CP6 vs CP6E | 6 March, 2006

Same for fujiflexa or cam. Just make sure the one you get has new style shafts. I doubt you can get the old style and to switch takes doing all shafts.

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CP6 vs CP6E | 7 March, 2006

There are no major mechanical differences. The "E" just means European. Which means it conforms to the electrical code in Europe. So some of the electrical connections will be slightly different than the regular model. It will work with Fujicam as the same model. Other than that there is not much to it.

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CP6 vs CP6E | 7 March, 2006

The E has a different x-y table setup, i seem to remember the CP6 having rollers and cams to control the z table height, the CP6E has a belt driven z axis. Also i think the CP6E is slightly faster, 44K cph against 40K, still just program it as a CP6 though.

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CP6 vs CP6E | 7 March, 2006

We had 6's, 6-4000's, 6E's, & 6E-4000's.

They we all the same to program, but from memory: the 4000's could handle larger boards (356x457mm?) & the E's had the Back/front key switch on the side of the monitor block, whereas the straight 6 had it on the cage below this.

Placement rates were near enough comparable. We still have lots of digital pictures of the Fujis & of the different shafts etc. if that helps.

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CP6 vs CP6E | 8 March, 2006

Your thinking of the FCP6 vs. CP642. The table on the CP642 is different from the FCP6/FCP6E. The speed for the machines is still rated at 40k cph (0.09).

The differences from the FCP6 and FCP6E is the Safety Circuits and a few other electrical differences. You program the machine just the same with an "E" or without.

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