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Mixed BGA's on one board

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Mixed BGA's on one board | 9 March, 2006

We are fixing to run a board with both pb and pb-free BGA's..double sided.. The board is RoHs compliant so I could go either way on the solder paste. I was thinking pb-free paste would be the best bet.

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, B

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Mixed BGA's on one board | 9 March, 2006

Will the Pb part handle 240C? That is the first question that you need to answer. If it will then yes I would run the pbfree paste and profile. I assume that all other components are pbfree. If not, the same questions will need be asked as for the BGA.

If it won't handle the increased temp:

When we are faced with this situation we use lead paste and profile. We also inform the customer that we will not warranty there product for any BGA failures due to the non-optimum reflow parameters that have to be used. We inform them that the structural integrity of the Pb free BGA will be compromised and they assume the risk.

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