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Novastar or Technical LeadFree Wave

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Novastar or Technical LeadFree Wave | 13 March, 2006

Hi Everyone,

I searched and found some old comments about the Novastar machines. I was wondering if anyone has purchased a newer one and used it for Lead Free? If so what do you think?

We currently run 2 Technical Device machines (leaded) and haven't had many problems with it. I considered converting one but I think we will have issues with the preheat. The conversion cost is close to a new machine anyway. We primarily run single sided display boards.

If anyone has any recent experience with either brand (or another brand) please let me know. We are a small company and I need to get it right the first time.

Thanks Paul

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Novastar or Technical LeadFree Wave | 14 March, 2006

The Novastar is primarily a low end machine made in India, I think. Technical Devices is more comparable with other dedicated wave soldering machine manufacturers.

I recently got a good deal on a new TD machine with a Titanium Pot and Pump. It was their "show special". It was suprisingly priced better than some imports and it's made in the US. Plus the experience of the company and the service, made it an easy decision.

I think if you are looking for a robust wave soldering machine, I would definitely lean towards the TD machine.

Hope that helps...

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Novastar or Technical LeadFree Wave | 15 March, 2006


Thanks for the reply! I haven't had a chance to see the Novastar. Now maybe I will save myself the trip. The TD rep is trying to contact someone close by so we can go take a look. I am definetely leaning towards TD because they have worked fine for us. Also I am not aware of any other manufacturers with similar features/quality/price point.

Did you get the convection topside preheat?

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Novastar or Technical LeadFree Wave | 15 March, 2006

Hi Paul, I have been to the Novastar mfg plant in Penn. and to a demo of the TD Nu Era model also in Penn at Advanced Competitiveness Institute. After seeing both we have decided to go with the TD model. Im not sure where you are located but the reginal sales manager for the east coast is Debbie Alavezos. She can be reached at 215-635-0420. It would def be worth your while to see both systems and plants. We were VERY glad we did. JD

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Novastar or Technical LeadFree Wave | 15 March, 2006

When Techical Devices purchased H2O, they received a very good in-line cleaner company. The real bonus of the aquisition was Debbie Alavezos, then the sales manager at H2O.

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Novastar or Technical LeadFree Wave | 16 March, 2006

Hello Paul!

As an ex TD rep, I really don't think you will have any problem with the TD preheaters! I would encourage you to visit!

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