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MPM SPM PROBLEM | 16 March, 2006

When I flip the switch to lock the stencil, the magnet in the carriage cylinder pops free.....

Any ideas ?

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MPM SPM PROBLEM | 28 March, 2006

Hey Sr.Tech .. Thanks for you help with my CP6 problems by the way.. Did you just get this machine? We've had many initial problems with ours. Most of them were related to the air pressure settings. There should be 2 regulators on the back of the machine. The main inlet should be regulated to about 100psi, and the second should be about 65psi... Since the frame clamps are pnuematic, I wouldn't be suprised if this had to do with air pressure settings. I'll try to duplicate this issue with ours, and get back to you.

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MPM SPM PROBLEM | 29 March, 2006

HA ! Yes I fixed it a couple days ago. It was too much air pressure causing it.

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