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Zevatech FS730 problem

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Zevatech FS730 problem | 22 March, 2006

Hi All, We have problem with Zevatech FS-730 This machine shows error E202062: "System error: T axis of head: Parameter error when T axis performs PTP action.(Kind of unit)" and it stop running. It does not pick up components. At low speed it works some time, but stops again. May somebody knows this symptom and could help us? Thanks and best regards Peter

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Zevatech FS730 problem | 24 March, 2006

It sounds like a theta problem, you could have a bad theta motor or driver. Does this happen during warm up? And you can try and disable one head at a time and optimize your program after each head is disabled and then run your program. To see if you can determine what head it is. I would start with the left head and if that dosn't work re-enable it and then disable the center head and optimize your program, and so on.

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Zevatech FS730 problem | 27 March, 2006

Thank all, We resolve this problem to swap sub-CPU board But we do not know, how to repaire changed board May be somebody could advice something Best regards Peter

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