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Conformal coating of smt boards

Doug Clement


Conformal coating of smt boards | 29 February, 2000

Can anyone recommend a system for conformal coating a board? We are a interested in an inline system behind our Pick-and-Place machines.

Thanks Doug

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Graham Naisbitt


Re: Conformal coating of smt boards | 1 March, 2000


Please take a look at my web site:

If you want selective robotic type systems then talk with Precision Valve (PVA) or Nordson but be prepared to part with >$100K for a full in-line.

We can do conventional spray at 30 to 50% less but you must mask components you don't want to coat. If they are on 1 end only of the board, then dip coat which is the least expensive option starting at around $12K for up to 100 assemblies per hour.

Hope this helps

Regards Graham Naisbitt

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