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Mydata support

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Mydata User


Mydata support | 12 April, 2006

Has anyone had luck with Mydata US web contact forms? There are forms on their US website that allows contacting departments directly, but nobody ever responds. Does anyone ever get responses back?

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Mydata support | 14 April, 2006

I have tried it in the past and had the same problem. Just try to call them directly. Are you on an off shift or something ?

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Robert Hammond


Mydata support | 17 April, 2006

I believe the Mydata support team are busy surfing the web rather than answering support calls.


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Mydata support | 19 April, 2006

I've had problems with the online form, but their phone support is great. I usually get a call back within an hour if I can't get someone on the phone immediately.


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Mydata support | 25 April, 2006

Good Morning,

I have also had problems with the Web forms but I have never had any problems with phone service. They have always got back to me in a reasonable amount of time if they were not available when I called.


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Mydata support | 25 April, 2006

So am I now thisruss?

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Mydata support | 25 April, 2006

You have to call if you want help. This is the only way I have received answers.

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