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Immersion Tin

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Immersion Tin | 20 April, 2006


I'm just wondering if someone have more information about board with immersion tin plating. I search in the archive but didn't find anything interesting. We try it, and we have difficulties to make a good solder joint with the wave. And with the reflow profile the joint seem dull and don'T cover all the pad. We use 63/37 no-clean paste and the same in the wave. Do we need to change something to work well? what kind of flux is the best. Do we need more temperature , change the profile??

Thank You

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Immersion Tin | 20 April, 2006

Change finishes. immersion tin In my opinion is only suited ofr a single thermal excursion

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Immersion Tin | 20 April, 2006

Immersion tin, if it is being correctly identified, is not a final surface finish for a bare board. White tin is typically the way a finish is refered to. Either way tin has gotten a very bad reputation via a couple satellite failures because of tin wiskers. Immersion silver, ENIG or OSP will solder fine.

let me know if you have any other questions.

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Immersion Tin | 2 May, 2006

In the past we have used immersion tin as an alternative for HASL. Our biggest problem was shelf life. The tin oxidized very rapidly. We switched to immersion gold and have had great success.

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