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QSP2 Monitoring

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QSP2 Monitoring | 21 April, 2006

My company is very insistant on making our actual production times match the predicted. Perfectly reasonable.... However, the problem is that one operator can beat the predicted rate and another can blow it away 10-fold.

I know the problem is that the operators are not properly charging their time. When a problem occurs and a technician is called, the operators do not note the stop in production. I want a way to monitor exactly when the machine is running or possibly even the SMEMA signals to calculate when a board enters and exits. Anyone know of a built in method or add on software to accomplish this?

I'm at a point where I'm just going to hide a laptop, monitor the signals via a port on the PC and write a custom program to monitor machine up/downtime. This way, during the next meeting concerning machine rates, I can just whip out my report and prove why the average placement time would have been less if we hand placed the components!

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