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Juki vs Mydata... again...

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Juki vs Mydata... again... | 28 April, 2006

Hi, I've been searching for comments about this, and found something, but a little old, so here is my question: I'm going to purchase a new P&P machine and have two options: Juki 2060 and Mydata MY9. What I need is: easy to manage, easy to change product and generate new products, quick component/feeder change, and it must be able to mount everything possible, from 0201 to biggest component. As well big PCB's. Ah, and it must be fast... I've already checked the specifications of both machines. Mydata says its machine mounts up to 21k cph (I don't believe it). Juki, 13200 cph. Anyone could help me? What opinions do you have? Regarding to the price, Juki 2060 is a little more expensive than Mydata MY9

Thank you

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Juki vs Mydata... again... | 1 May, 2006

my data have the best feeder design for flexible production, with hydra head they are pretty fast. also their software is fairly easy to use. Juki machines are very reliable, and also flexible but i think for very flexible production mydata is the choice.

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Juki vs Mydata... again... | 2 May, 2006

Get them both to prove their placement rates & accuracy on 0201's, and also guarantee that the machines will achieve this in production.

Also get them both to give you a guarenteed placement rate on your most common & difficult boards, then you can compare them for placement rates on your own products.


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Juki vs Mydata... again... | 2 May, 2006

I have five Mydata machines. The 21000 number is pie in the sky. Our new My12E (2 months old) won't get close to that. Having said that, I am very happy with 0201 production with the Hydra/line scan/Linear Agilis combination.


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Juki vs Mydata... again... | 2 May, 2006

The 2060RE model that I have can do an 18"x20" board. I think the Mydata can do larger. Juki did tell me that next year they will release a machine that will do larger boards but didn't specify on how big.

The 2060RE can do 0201 up to 74mm square BGA and QFP. 150mm long connectors. Up to 25mm tall components. It can do really small microBGA as well. Everything places great.

The rated speed of the 2060 is 12500 CPH, the 13,200 speed you stated is the speed of the 2050 model. The 2050 model can not do IC and BGA, it is a chip shooter type of machine. The 2060 is the flexible mounter. I get speeds anywhere between 7K and 11K on the 2060. The complexity of the board changes the speed a lot, so if you are concerned then send Juki some CAD data and they can give you an estimated tact time.

Physically the Mydata looks a lot wider and you can almost put a 2050 and 2060 inline for almost the same floor space and the combined speed will be in the 20K CPH area.

When I went to APEX they were running 01005 components on their show 2050 and 2060 machines. They stated that there will be a free software update (when it is available) and then buy the special nozzle and special feeder and the machine is ready for 01005.

Let us know what you decide...

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Juki vs Mydata... again... | 3 May, 2006

If you want to be able to put down every type of part, and fast, you better look at buying two machines. You did not say how much speed you need but in-line spindle machines rely on gang picks to be able to come anywhere close to rated speed. I have 5 of these type designs from 3 different manufacturers and none of them hit half thier rated speed on a real board with a couple of nozzle changes. I spent a great deal of time looking at the Mydata machines. The are accurate. They are NOT fast. Also you can not do auto pick corrections and gang picks because the spindles are in-line. If you take a look at some of the higher end machines you will see they are all using the same concept of single picks with a head capable of collecting a lot of parts. This is true with Panasonic, Fuji, Siemens and Universal. Of course you probably can not afford those brands, right? I thought that as well. Go out to NY and visit Universal. We bought an AC-30 and an AC-72. This combination is incredible. As far as I know the prices for these are still $150K and $125K. Which is probably more than you are looking at but man, was it worth it. I could not be more happy with it. You should at least take a look before you rule it out. Most people dont think much about pick accuracy, they only consider placment accuracy. Doing single picks on a chip shooter allows for auto pick correction. The reduction in parts that end up in the dump bucket alone is saving us about $30K a year over our lower end machines. Just something to think aobut. You can see a video of our AC-30 on our website I would not post that but I dont think Universal has one on thier site yet.

P.S. Universals NPI software is superb. I heard alot of complaints on the old GSM software and was concerned about it but they got it right with the new stuff.

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Juki vs Mydata... again... | 10 May, 2006

We currently have 5 MyData machines in our facility. Our production lines are the Mydata Synergy package which is two My9 machines connected together and both machines have the Hydra heads in them which is giving us 15k cph and these are rated at 27k in a perfect world. The flexability is the payoff on these machines we do about 3 changeovers a day and our changeover time is less than 10 minutes. The Agilus smart feeders are the easiest feeder to set up and we also use Mylabel to link the feeders to the part with barcodes eliminating the human error side of things. The software on the Mydata is also very easy to use and is very user friendly. Our operators are very happy with these machines and their ease of use. If you need flexibility I would definetly recommend Mydata.

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George S


Juki vs Mydata... again... | 13 May, 2006

I had Mydata for several years, and got a Juki 2060R about 8 months ago. If I had to choose today, it would be Juki again. The features which help me are bank changing, where I can set up offline and change over in two minutes for all feeders. The machine then automaticaly corrects the pick positions in 30 seconds per bank. I never have to teach pick positions manually as I used to. Also the machine programs new BGA's, QFP's, and QFN's itself in less than a minute. The three year warranty covers all parts, even nozzles and the vacuum filters. I am very satisfied and the service and training have been great.

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Juki vs Mydata... again... | 25 May, 2006

What did you end up buying please tell me?

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