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Dek 265

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Mark Fick


Dek 265 | 3 May, 2006

I have a DEK 265 with error code: motor comms failure.card 0, Axis123 fatal error-reinitialize machine during machine boost up

I replaced new card 0 and still get the same error.I have tried to load the mint program but I cannot get program to abort card 0.It will abort cards 1,2 and 3 and if I swop the cards around it will still not abort card 0 even when the card has been aborted in another slot.This has been a re-acurring problem whenever the machine has been switched off,but now the mint program cannot successfully be loaded. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated

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Dek 265 | 3 May, 2006

maybe 5v fuse already burn and pls check anther fuse also thks

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Mark Fick


Dek 265 | 4 May, 2006

The fuses are ok and problem still exists.

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Eyry Ren


Dek 265 | 9 May, 2006

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Dek 265 | 12 May, 2006


Mark Fick, If the SMT Splice Clips or Kapton tapes does not solve Your DEK-265 motor comms failure problem, maybe try this:

The 5 Volts should be within +/- 0.05 V. and if I remember correctly it must Not be under 4.5 V. We have been through a variety of problems with the cards when the 5 V is not good. There is an adjustment on the power supply for this. While you are at it, check also the remaining voltages like 12V, etc. Please let us know Your status on the machine and if You already fixed it, tell us how. /Sincerly

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