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Electronics Manufacturing in Morocco

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Electronics Manufacturing in Morocco | 5 May, 2006

Does anybody here have experience or know of anyone; 1) making PCBS 2) Assmebling PCBs T/Hole and or SMT in Morocco.


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Electronics Manufacturing in Morocco | 7 May, 2006

Dismon Electronica S.L. is situated in Spain and dedicates to PCB assembling both SMT and THT. You can visit and contact us if this is of your interest.

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Eyry Ren


Electronics Manufacturing in Morocco | 9 May, 2006

This is Shenzhen comofaje,Ltd from China mainland We are the Associator of Hi-tech industry Association, so I think we can become your supplier in China. Now we have Four series products:1 SMT stencil wiping roll/wiper special for FUJI MPM DEK MINAMI YAMAHA SANYO and so on ,non woven wiper 2,kinds of SMT Splice tape, Stencil Machine Accessories,���� Joint Tape,��Kapton tapes, SMT Splice Clips 3 anti-static mat. 4 SMT/SMD Cutting tool and splicing tool

If any of them meet your interesting please send message to or will reply you at First time.

Best wishes to you and waiting for your reply

Yours faithfully Eyry Ren Shenzhen Comofaje,Ltd TEL:86-755-28091605-868 FAX: 86-755-28091645 or

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Electronics Manufacturing in Morocco | 11 May, 2006

... thinks someone needs to revisit his geography books...

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