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FlexJet Head

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FlexJet Head | 24 May, 2006

Hey you FlexJet users out there...

We just bought a new Universal machine with a FlexJet head on it. Excellent machine. However, I'm still in the learning stage and having a little trouble with 0402's and 0603's (caps mostly but resisters as well). I put 0402K-FJ bladed and 0603K-FJ bladed nozzles on the machine but am finding that the vision system wants to read the nozzle tips at times and the pick rate is not the best so far. So... what is the most kick-butt nozzle/lighting combinations for these two sizes of parts? Are there any component database values that I should be tweaking to improve on this problem?

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FlexJet Head | 25 May, 2006

Log on to Universal's website "", and register to "MyUniversal". From there you will have access to the GSM Knowledge Database, where you will find best practices guides for running chips, and much more.

Bulletins TECH-0138 & TECH-0139 should help with the chip issues you are seeing.

- UIC Application Engineer

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FlexJet Head | 26 May, 2006

I've found 08MPF good for 0402's & 0603's, however that was before the blade nozzles were released, and from what I've seen the blades allow you to place a lot closer.

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FlexJet Head | 30 May, 2006

Thanks - the bladed nozzles work well but I'm still getting used to the best light levels to use on parts and how to get what I want by adjusting light. I think I might get some 08MPF's as they should be a good all around nozzle for smaller parts in general (have used them on GSM).

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