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Lf BGA | 25 May, 2006


We have an issue with a Board we are running at the moment.

We have 3 BGAs on the board 1 Leadfree and 2 are not. We are running a Leaded Process and the LF part is not available Leaded.

What do we do? I reckon that all we can do is try and run a compromised profile that will suit both? (other than that we have to get the BGA reworked which will cost more than the board)

Any ideas , experiences appreciated?


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Lf BGA | 25 May, 2006

aj, check out the link

as Samir mentioned in that link, try keeping your peak temp within 220-225degC.. TAL 217 around 20-40 sec..depending on your ball diameter.. and then keep your fingers crossed.. it should reflow....

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