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Justification on buying machine (Reflow/Wave)

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Justification on buying machine (Reflow/Wave) | 11 June, 2006

anyone who has a strong presentation skills and formnat on moving to lead free wave machine and buying a 10 zone reflow machine for lead free. need some help on the presentation and justification format to get this stuff...pls. forward to me..or givce me a roguh guide...

thank you all...

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Justification on buying machine (Reflow/Wave) | 12 June, 2006

Are you buying new or replacing existing equipment? Are you getting this equipment to achieve lead free?

Man, I'm surprised MoonMan hasn't jumped all over this? I mean as a consultant who also pumps equipment - this would be a perfect fit for him.

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Justification on buying machine (Reflow/Wave) | 12 June, 2006

Howdy Bolos, My question to you is why do you feel the need to buy new equipment? We've changed over our processes to lead free and used our existing equipment. Heller 1500 (5 zone convection reflow) Electrovert econopak (wave solder) Honestly we haven't had very many problems and the transition went pretty darn good. A 10 zone oven? Is your plant very high volume or do you have thermally dense boards? Are you a CM or OEM? Are you running multiple lines? If you can provide more info, I think we could help you out. I have a caned power point presentation from a couple of years back, but it is geared for my company specificly. Good luck and best regards, Jay Brower

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Justification on buying machine (Reflow/Wave) | 15 June, 2006

nice to hear from company is an need a more flexible reflow.. we have 3 lines and soon to install another line for leadfree its getting a new one hopefully..a seven zone actually i think might do the job... for the wave it can be a second hand.. but definitely a new titatium or any applicable solder bath for lead free.. looking forward on your help..


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Justification on buying machine (Reflow/Wave) | 16 June, 2006

Howdy Bolo, I see. I currently run a 5 zone 1500 Heller, It's a very nice reflow oven and one of my favorites. Hopefully in July we will be getting in our 1700 from Heller. These reflow ovens (used) can be had for a pretty decent price at least in the US. I might reccomend a wave solder pot of SN100C. We switched over very recently and are having good success with our Electrovert wave solder. Do your customers require you to use a specific leadfree bar solder? Best regards, Jay Brower

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Justification on buying machine (Reflow/Wave) | 19 June, 2006

I have a question in regards to buying used machines. I would like to know if I buy used what kind of support by the manufacturer is covered if any? I am looking into buying a new line but I see the used market is flooded with stuff so I want to start there.

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Justification on buying machine (Reflow/Wave) | 19 June, 2006


Why you have to purchase the Titanium solder pot for your lead-free? I have the MDS-200 Unit Design Drag solder and I just empty the solder SN63PB37 in the solder pot, clean it very well and buy lead-free solder bar to fill up the pot.


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Justification on buying machine (Reflow/Wave) | 19 June, 2006

Because some lead free solders are very corrosive to anything but titanium. Also "clean it very well" is kind of a crap shoot, isn't it? Did you get your solder tested for impurities and lead %age after you did the swap?

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Justification on buying machine (Reflow/Wave) | 19 June, 2006

This depends on the manufacturer and the machine. Check with the manufacturer before you buy a used machine if you want them to supply technical support. Be prepared to pay a registration fee to get access to technical support from the manufacturer.


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