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QP341 Mark Reader (HELP NEEDED)

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QP341 Mark Reader (HELP NEEDED) | 12 June, 2006

Hello all, I am having an issue with my QP341 when it reads fiducials. It will be running fine than it will freeze when it goes to read a fid. When I reset the QP and it seems to work fine for a little bit than it will repeat itself and freeze up again. Once in awhile I will see an error "Trace log error". Any clues what this could be and if so some steps I could take to fix this? Oh, I already did a media recovery twice and this will not resolve it. I am thinking board is bad or something. Is there a way to jump this or something? I had maintenace replace the backlighting about 2 weeks ago but they insist this mark problem has nothing to do with that. (Is that true??)

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QP341 Mark Reader (HELP NEEDED) | 13 June, 2006

Whoa are we all stumped or noone answering today?

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QP341 Mark Reader (HELP NEEDED) | 14 June, 2006

Talk to Fuji regarding this issue, there is retrofit kit for the mark read camera amp.( it's black color box on top of the machine from side one on your right hand side). And also check you software there might be upgrade available from fuji. I hope this help.

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QP341 Mark Reader (HELP NEEDED) | 19 June, 2006

Hey Mark, what was the final outcome of your problem.


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QP341 Mark Reader (HELP NEEDED) | 20 June, 2006

Our line is on overtime so it makes it difficult to actually work on this thing. It seems yesterday and last week it only froze about 6 times in all. When we actually have a few minutes one of us will get in there and check it out. Also, I talked to fuji and they sent me the jumper settings if I needed it.

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QP341 Mark Reader (HELP NEEDED) | 24 August, 2006

Fuji sent me insructions on how to jump the connections on the mark reader board. I did it just today so I will see how it goes and inform you in about a week.

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