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gerber conversion software

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gerber conversion software | 14 June, 2006

We are using the front end of a MI generator software package (unidoc) to convert gerber to create centroid files to be used on a Mydata9 pick & place and an Orbitech AOI machine.

What is everyone else using?

We only are interested in the conversion and do not need the full MI generator

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gerber conversion software | 15 June, 2006

Centroids from the Gerber data * Graphicode GC-Place * Downstream Technologies CAM350 * Gerbcam Tecnomatix-Unicam * Circuit Cam * GerbTool * Send it to They do it for about $25 per program. [Programmer SMTnet]

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gerber conversion software | 16 June, 2006

I use GCPowerPlace by Graphicode. It's easy to use and does a great job at centroid extraction.

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gerber conversion software | 19 June, 2006

The CircuitCAM product that Dave referred to below is sold by Aegis Industrial Software. They can supply you many references from the 250+ sites using the software to program the Mydata as well as sites utilizing the Orbotech equipment programming for your reference. HQ: 215-773-3571

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Yogesh Beedkar


gerber conversion software | 26 June, 2006


Can you explain in more detail about using GC Place for centroid extraction.

Thanks a lot

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gerber conversion software | 5 July, 2006

It's quite easy: 1. Import the gerber file into GCpowerplace. 2. Select the pads that you wish to convert into centroid's. This is usually all of the pads. 3. Select the automatic extraction button. The software recognizes certain common patterns 0201,0603 soic8, sot23 etc. and converts them to centroid data. You have the ability to easily teach odd shaped components. 4. Enter part number and ref. designators to the centroid file. This can also be automated to pull info from BOM's or assembly drawings. 5. Export in a format that your machine can use.

I use Quad/Tyco machines and it works great.

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