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Film Capacitor

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Film Capacitor | 15 June, 2006


I have a bad experience whenever assembling the PCBA that using SMD film capacitor as I encountered a lot of non wetting and tombstone. I did experiment on my reflow profile and stencil design and the result was improved but not totally solved. I'm looking for any suggestion or input from you guys to help me to solve this issue.


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Film Capacitor | 15 June, 2006

I have in the past had lots of problems with soldering film caps (same problems as you), but that was mostly before the manufacturer redesigned them. Profiles and changes in paste netted some improvements but it really took changes at their end to resolve the problem.

What gave us the most grief was the damage touch-up people did to them. It doesn't take much to melt those suckers with an iron.

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