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time/pressure dispensing

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time/pressure dispensing | 21 June, 2006

Hello all,

Can anyone explain me time/pressure dispensing. How does the process flow step by step. All details are important. Please help. Thank you!

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time/pressure dispensing | 22 June, 2006

We hope this meets your standards for acceptable responses. *$File/Time_Pressure_Dispensing.PDF

* On the Flow Rate Dynamics in Time-Pressure Dispensing Processes; X. B. Chen, G. Schoenau, and W. J. Zhang; Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Saskatchewan, 57 Campus Dr., Saskatoon, SK S7N 5A9, Canada; Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control -- December 2002 -- Volume 124, Issue 4, pp. 693-698 * Modeling of time-pressure fluid dispensing processes; Chen, X.B.; Shoenau, G.; Zhang, W.J.; Electronics Packaging Manufacturing, IEEE Transactions on [see also Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology, Part C: Manufacturing, IEEE Transactions on]; Volume 23, Issue 4, Oct. 2000 Page(s): 300 - 305 *


As an aside, we don�t do leadfree, but expect that we will have to join that planet, someday. We wonder if leadfree paste is dispensable, since leadfree paste is less sticky than leaded paste.

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time/pressure dispensing | 23 June, 2006

Yes, leadfree paste is dispensable, but there is a completely diffrent paste than one will use at the stencil printer in the line. This is a very tricky one to deal with. We use xxx lf-free paste in the line, but that paste will Not at all work at the repair staions who has the paste dispensers. We have tried numeriuos dispense paste from different wendors and almost none of them fulfill the requirements/to do it's job. At the moment we use the one from the BGA-repair station manufact. that recommend this paste in the tube. One problem is to get it even, uniform and good quality paste dots.

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time/pressure dispensing | 23 June, 2006

Thanks davef,

Once again you give me a great reply!

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