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Brokers | 27 June, 2006

Brokers sucks they sell stuff they don't have. They sell you machines that dont work, sometime you get your money back but pay thousands in shipping.

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Brokers | 28 June, 2006 - Peter Fraiman - Bob & Peter Brill - Gary - Richard Booth

All men of their word & have always delivered.

As with anything, if you buy it blind or the deal looks too good, then unless you really know & trust who you deal with you are nearly always going to get stung.

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Brokers | 28 June, 2006


There is one name on that list that represents some of the biggest crooks this business has ever seen.....and don't ask me who it is. Many will know.

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Brokers | 29 June, 2006

Hi Rick,

I've always had excellent service from all of them - else I wouldn't recommend them - but we all have our own experiences.

I'm 99% sure who you are referring to as you're on the other side of the pond, but as i've said I've always had good stuff & well priced from them (Universal spares & feeders). However, it's always been stocked stuff.

Saying that, the only time we ever sold them anything was a complete nightmare.

Shame we can't give brokers e-bay ratings then we'd all get the full picture.

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