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SMT/Thru hole key cards

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SMT/Thru hole key cards | 28 June, 2006

Currently in house were using circuit cam for our programming (we run mydata hence mycam). When were programming were also creating keycards for SMT,SMT inspection, thru hole and thru hole inspection.

Sometimes with heavily populated boards, 2000-2500 component range, the relabeling (component circuit designator),creating the program and key card creation your looking at 8-12 hours before all documents and programming are ready for manf.

Management thinks this is too long of time and has asked if there is a cheaper program out there that will create key cards from gerbers or cad data.In the past i've used unicam and this seems to be around the same time as circuit cam for creating keycards.

Is there a cheaper keycard software out there that is quicker then circuit cam?

Thanks for the help.


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SMT/Thru hole key cards | 28 June, 2006

1. What part of the time is spent Creating Visual Aids?

Unless you are digitizing the gerber files for everything, why would you have to modify/re-label the referance designator info? (Part#-Ref.ID is color coded)

If you are digitizing the gerbers: Get the customer to provide ASCII CAD files.

2. What part of the time is spent Creating Programs?

It should be dependant on the amount of new part numbers... not the total amount.

I believe CircuitCam is one of the preferred program generators for Mydata. If I am wrong I'm sure someone here will correct me.

- As far as finding cheaper software thats faster... good luck. Cheaper mostly means more limitations and slower.

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SMT/Thru hole key cards | 28 June, 2006

We use CircuitCam for our MyData programming and floor documentation. It's great.

Get CAD data from your customers and it will speed up the whole CircuitCam process 500 % (as long as you have the correct CAD importer for the CircuitCam program).

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Greg Ross


SMT/Thru hole key cards | 19 January, 2007

If you are using these "keycards" as a visual inspection aid for performing First Article Inspection or in Process inspection of SMT populated PCBs then you should consider an automated system which is optical scanner based. They are inexpensive compared to AOI and reduce the time it takes to perform first Article Inspections by 80%. Look up for more info.

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SMT/Thru hole key cards | 24 January, 2007

Like everyone has said make sure you request Cad files from your sales people first. Than if sales allows (which I'm sure they will) is call the customer and go through with them step by step how to extract the cad file that you need. If you refer to "Aegis Software Required Data Forms" it expresses on page 7 the cad attachments that you need and the following pages it says how to extract. I usually tell sales to send this file out with quotes for potential new customers and old ones to keep as a reminder that CAD files is what we need. I had a customer ask why we prefer cad files to gerbers. It saves about 90% of the work instead of digitizing the files and when you use gerbers it does not label the pin 1 exactly how the rotation should be so the program rotations could be wrong. And if a customer says that they do not have a cad file and only gerbers THAT IS FALSE. If they can extract gerber layers they can extract a cad file. If you can not help your customer with getting the right cad extension than make sure you call Aegis for support because that is why they are there. Thats my 2 cents now back to work ... later all. If anymore questions please post or drop me an email

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