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CP4 Production

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CP4 Production | 29 June, 2006

Hello all,

I have a dilemma at the moment with my CP4 pick and place positions. I get alot of parts in the rear of the machine and inside. I also as of late starting to get parts flying around on the boards once in awhile. I have checked pick position (station 1) and place position (station 7) and still getting parts flying out. I changed all the spools close to a month or so ago and calibrated our feeders close to 4 months ago. I know it is not program issue considering it it happening on all jobs. I am stumped and asking for anyone to kinda put a checklist of a few other things to look at. if you wish to email instead.

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CP4 Production | 29 June, 2006

You have given little detail for anyone to help. What types of components are laying in the machine? Are these components missing from the PCB? But you can check these things.

1. Check vacuum at nozzles 2. Check for obstructions in the path of the nozzle (a component may be sitting there knocking off other components as the nozzle passes) 3. Check board height at placing (could be dropping components instead of placing) 4. Check clearance between board and the D-axis cover (black sheet metal between feeders and X-Y table) this could knock the components off of the PCB after placement.

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CP4 Production | 29 June, 2006

I once had a CP-4 that was not cutting the paper from the reel, and the paper was nocking off the parts. You could also check the vacuum at pick-up and placement stations.

What kind of parts are they? It might be a good idea to calibrate the stations and vision

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