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Screening Solder Print paste m/c

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Utog Oten


Screening Solder Print paste m/c | 18 July, 2006

Hello folks I am seeking advice and guidance on a screen print machine who the best manufacturers are of this equipment and so fourth. I got budgetary approval from the management to purchase a medium volume electronics line. Our engineer sup. seems to favour the Juki placement equipment and is leaning toward the DEK Horizon printer but am having the assignment to look at other printers as well and heller oven for reflow. Any advices for the optimal line on a limited budget will be helpful and was told by my colleague that the SMTA is the best place to find the answers. Thank you.


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Screening Solder Print paste m/c | 19 July, 2006

That's like asking who's Mom is the best Mom. Your main goal in choosing a screen printer is based on several things: Size for your boards. Speed of your line. Board layout in ref to edge clearance / use of breakaways. Post inspection 2D/3D of paste/adhesive (if needed). Current stencil frame size. Available maintenance assistance/spare parts´┐Ż..The list goes on.

MPM and DEK are pretty major players n the game. Each has their good and bad points. You mentioned the Horizon series, so it sounds like you are getting a decent budget to buy a higher/middle ground printer. Your best bet is to actually check out each printer personally and determine if it fits your needs. Without knowing your product or facility, it is hard to say which printer (or any other) is right for you. The same goes for ovens.

On yeah, MY MOM is better than any of yours!

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Screening Solder Print paste m/c | 19 July, 2006

Having never used either DEK or MPM I can't comment on the "big 2" but you might want to include EKRA in your long list. We had a couple of E5's at my last employer and loved them.

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