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SMT p&p new line

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SMT p&p new line | 19 July, 2006

Goodday,my name is Fabio and i'm smt tecnician manager of an italian company i must buy a NEW line smt. My end choose is: europlacer(Vitesse) or Mydata(My9+My9) or Siemens(CS+CF). if it's possible i would a yours considaretion about affidability and time to maintance(mydata and siemens). If you know general defect or some particular not visible for example: the feeders mydata agilis are good? and feeder siemens are delicate? the jump of the component at pick up is possible? The maintance of compact siemens is hight? and mydata? Wich software is better? i know well europlacer, after 10 years..... Thanks a lot and sorry for my little english. applauses for forum.

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SMT p&p new line | 19 July, 2006

Hi Fabione,

I'm not being funny, but how did you come up with that choice of machines? There is no way that these set ups are equal in speed or accuracy in the real world. I think you should go back to the drawing board & start again, and depending on your requirements & also look at Fuji, Assemblion, I-Pulse & Universal.

Out of your list I would go with Siplace, for speed, accuracy, longevity & support. However this takes no account of set ups, no. of component types, volumes etc.

FYI - the Mydatas will not give you much in excess of 5K per hour per machine in the real world, whilst the Vitesse will slow right down for the larger components as it is placing everything.

Good luck.

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SMT p&p new line | 20 July, 2006

My actual line(europlacer928+europlacer400)(7500-10000c/h)it is too much slow in the change of production(3 change to day) My choice is mydata as principal line (hight changes low volume) and old europlacer for my 8 product with max volume. or Siemens for my 8 product max volume and old europlacer as principal line(hight changes).

I have the simulation time of my 8 product: vitesse about 15000 cs+cp about 20000 my9+my9 arrives tomorrow but is over 15000(probably 2 hydra)

Do you know something about reliability of mydata? Of your list i like i-pulse but i don't see play, only in depliant

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SMT p&p new line | 20 July, 2006

Mydata are OK, but they will not last as long as the Siplace if running the same volume. They are easy to programme, change over & upgrade - they are very good entry level machines. One thing to remember is that they make use of large scale gang picking to make up their placement speeds, which means you will rarely get anywhere near the placement speeds that they state. However.. if one goes down you can still build at half of the speed on the other.

Regarding I-pulse, they are selling very well in the UK at the moment - into decent & profitable subcontractors. They are basically Yamaha/Assemblion machines at a lower price & with slightly different features. I have seen them sell new for around 70-75,000 Euros - which is a lot of machine for your money.

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SMT p&p new line | 21 July, 2006

Thank you so much. today i've had the offer.Siemens is the hightest. Mydata ,simulation of my products, work about 16000 19000 with 2 hydra.Siemens 18000 21000. I love change over with agilis, but now i must explain all my sensation to boosses. I make before to change work.....

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