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SRT Rework Station, Model FPD-W

Brian Husnik


SRT Rework Station, Model FPD-W | 17 February, 2000

I am evaluating the purchase of a used SRT Rework Station, Model # 'FPD-W', and would like to hear from anyone who has any experience, thoughts, comments or suggestions regarding this station. We will be using the station for removal and placement of mostly SMT IC's, QFP's, SSOP, TSOP, etc, but would like to gradually use it for removal and placement of BGAs (not micro-BGAs). Any comments will be most appreciated.

Thank You,.........Brian Husnik

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Re: SRT Rework Station, Model FPD-W | 17 February, 2000

Brian: Don't know the model you're talking about, but SRT is top drawer for the high-end rework stations. There's maybe one other company you can mention in the same breath as them. Good stuff. BIG$$$. Dave F

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Re: SRT Rework Station, Model FPD-W | 18 February, 2000

Can I get an "amen brother"! I'm not familiar with that unit (its not even on their website) but have nothing but positive things to say about SRT!

My 1.4 cents (2 cents minus taxes)


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Dennis O'Donnell


Re: SRT Rework Station, Model FPD-W | 19 February, 2000

Call Ken Gribble at (408) 383-0704. He is the SRT Rep. for the San Jose, CA area. I just purchased an SRT from him about 6 months ago. SRT is top of the line. I haven't heard of the model you referenced. You want to make sure that your not getting an outdated unit.

These hot air rework units have advanced so fast in the last several years, you can get some pretty good units new, for the same price as a second hand unit.

APE, Automated Production Equipment has sone nice units starting at under 5 K last time I looked. I am sold on SRT, but if you don't have that kind of money to spend, an APE may be better than an older unit of another brand.

Good Luck, Dennis

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John Cudmore


Re: SRT Rework Station, Model FPD-W | 24 February, 2000


The SRT FPD-W is an older unit that has been successful for a long time. We have used it at BEST with good results.

The SRT FPD-W is a very good machine for the uses you mentioned except possibly for the BGAs. I have seen some used for BGAs but the newer SRT Summit 2000 is more geared for that type of technology.

The nice thing about the FPD-w is the flexible parameter heating design that eliminates the need to buy a nozzle for every part. This technology works very well for QFPs, SOICs, etc.


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