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Suzuki 1200 Pick&Place

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Suzuki 1200 Pick&Place | 21 July, 2006

Hello All Software needed Suzuki 1200 1990 Model Pick&Place machine. Can anyone Help ?


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Suzuki 1200 Pick&Place | 24 July, 2006

Northeast Machines- For a machine that is 16 years old the best thing to do is contact Suzuki direct. I asume it is a TAB Machine. I know most of the time people hate to be refered back to the OEM but in this case it is best. For


For Sales:

Phone number in Japan: Tel: 026-251-2600; Fax: 026-251-2601

Most of suzuki's support is based in TAIWAN,HONG KONG, SINGAPORE, KOREA,and PHILIPPINES.

Enjoy, Cal

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