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Component Wrong Orientation

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Component Wrong Orientation | 21 July, 2006

Hi Folk,

i encounter some components mounted in the different Orientaion (Wrong Orientation). i am puzzle on this.... All these components come in Tape & Reel form.

i can only deduce that the Component Wrong Orientation might come from its original packaging itself - Some of Components placed in the Tape & Reel is in opposite direction. Is there any other possible cause for the Wrong Orientation? Hope to get know more on this.

Thks & Warmest Rdgs CKH

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Component Wrong Orientation | 21 July, 2006

it is one of three things:

1. tape and reel done improperly from second source tape and reel op. doubt if OEM would or could do this.

2. Program is wrong in machine,or part data is bad and part is noted as nonpolarized, maybe and the machine then has option or 0 or 180, 90 or 270 rotation if you know what I mean

3. operators are "fixing boards by hand and need training


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Component Wrong Orientation | 21 July, 2006

Sometimes distributors endup with partial reels of componnts and are not able to sell the quantities of the partial lengths. So, they gather all the odd strips and have a contractor combine into a more attractive length reel for resale.

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Component Wrong Orientation | 23 July, 2006

4. There is a possibility that your company have more than one vendor for a specific component (same partnumber for you but different mfg. part nr). Let say that it is a red led and this itself could be somewhat tricky to order: Red led is as most of the diods, cathod to the left side on the tape, but there are cases that you can order those with the anode to the left! Furthermore, You can also order these whith an anod marking, wich means that you could have a red led diod with the cathode to the left and the the marking to the right. Sometimes the marking is on the left side... This is very specific for the red led's (green, yellow, blue etc) normally don't have this issue.

This is what we are dealing with with our purchase department, since they will not understand the trouble that this will cause on the floor...!! /Sincerly Ps. What exactly are your trouble components? Ds.

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Component Wrong Orientation | 24 July, 2006

CKH, if I understand you correct, only some components(for example 2 from 10 parts in one reel) goes wrong. there is one more. How your machine alignes the components? Vision, laser or mechanicly. The problem can come from there. If the recognition algorythm or the aligment is performed in a wrong way(may be you can adjust that from somewhere in the software).

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Component Wrong Orientation | 24 July, 2006

I think Dave F. and Russ hit the nail on the head...components are wrong in the reel pocket from the get go. We would make a point to specify this when ordering parts.

Russ also, has a good point with his number "2" item. If your machine is optomized for that part as a nonpolarized will place as long as it meets the vision/laser foot print.

Just as a reference you may want to use EIA-481-C as a tape and reel standard. This can be downloaded from the internet. Runs about $50US

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Component Wrong Orientation | 24 July, 2006

I think I read a thread very similar the other day but can't find it. If I remember correctly, the component database for that part was polarized and pre-orientation was used for camera inspection. It turned out that the optimization module in the software was over-riding all that - program bug I guess. Can you look at pattern programming as generated by optimization and check the rotations?

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